"watch this" they said

"it’ll be fun" they said

"i’m going to watch it" i said

this was not fun" i said

i’m emotionally ruined" i said

"hey watch this" i later said

my cherik fanvid has taken so long and actually been difficult to edit and i think its because they have so many parts to their relationship

that being said; im almost done!

{and then onto in the flesh}


but like imagine simon listening to amy talk about kieren and rick and looking really serious and feeling bad for kieren but he can’t help the tiny part of his mind going ‘he’s into men

This is a fantastic, short video about Kieren and Simon’s relationship.

It’s really good, I recommend watching it. 

I think the great thing about In The Flesh is that it’s obvious the show means a lot to the actors too and that’s just wonderful to have them be as passionate about the show as we all are

I see what people mean when they saw that there should be a season 3 and that it would be rude not to have one. The ending did have a cliffhanger; in fact it had several. So I do agree that there should be a season 3

So..I finished In the Flesh




wanna know how punk i am??????

*punches a wall*

drive me to the hospital

I'm trying to imagine how Harry told Hermione and Ron he forgave Snape

  • Harry: so like Snape's actually nice
  • Hermione: ...
  • Ron: ..
  • Hermione: Harry, he harassed you for 7 years
  • Ron: not to mention that quidditch incident
  • Harry: before he died, he said I had my mother's eyes
  • Hermione: everyone says that Harry
  • Harry: yes but he had a crush on my mum and she didn't like him back
  • Ron: so?
  • Harry: I'm gonna name my kid after him
  • Hermione: Harry no
  • Harry: Snape 5ever
  • greenbergsays:

    Why the hell does Simon Monroe wear so many layers? It makes me want to cry.